Friday, 3 November 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo best goals, skills and more; watch videos

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as one of the best wingers. With his recent success at Real Madrid after winning the La Liga and UEFA Champions League, he has answered his critics about not being called a big match player. Ronaldo started his senior career with Sporting CP in 2002 and the next year he moved to English Premier League after joining Manchester United in 2003.

The promising youngster kept improving year after year, and went on to win the Premier League in 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09 consecutive three seasons at United. Ronaldo scored 31 goals for United in 2008-09 season, and won the Premier League and UEFA Champions League, setting up much bigger targets for himself. He scored 84 goals for United in his 196 matches. Here we look at the best goals of Cristiano Ronaldo.

He joined Real Madrid in 2009, on a world record transfer fee of 80 million pounds. Ronaldo was immensely talented and after improving his game in terms of speed, accuracy and powerful shots, he started scoring on a regular basis, proving to be a huge threat for every opponent. Ronaldo rose remarkably well scoring 30 plus goals for seven consecutive years — 2010 to 2017 at Madrid and won his first La Liga title in 2011-12. The next year he went on to win the Champions League with Real Madrid.

Ronaldo from his early career has been famous for his breathtaking free-kicks, and accurate shoots which are just impossible to be stopped by even the best goalkeepers in the world. He won three Champions League with Real Madrid and one with United. Ronaldo has also grabbed world’s best footballer of the year award, Ballon d’Or, four times in his career. We take a look at some of his best free-kick goals of the career.

Ronaldo has also achieved glories with his national team Portugal after winning Euro 2016, which has been his only major trophy for the country. But Ronaldo’s passion for the game, his desire to improve match by match and his rivalry with Lionel Messi to be the world’s best player, keeps him going and makes him stronger. After scoring 285 goals for Madrid in 265 matches, Ronaldo is still looking in sublime touch and will continue to make many more records in his glorifying career.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

10 Major Haircut Fails That Take The Phrase ‘Bad Hair Day’ To A Whole New Low

A hairstyle can say a lot about a person. It is, after all, one of the first things you see when you meet someone for the first time. If someone’s hair is mussy and unkempt, you might assume that they’re low maintenance; on the other hand, if it’s dyed a bright color, they might be looking to showcase their free spirit.
Whether we rock our locks frizzy or well-coifed, there’s one thing most of us can agree on: we’ll need a haircut at some point. And it’s safe to say that everyone knows how painful it is when you get a bad haircut.
Case in point? These 10 haircut fails that are so bad, they’re good. Perhaps it was because the barber’s clippers slipped, or maybe there was some sort of miscommunication (or worse: they wanted to look like that), these people ended up with some very memorable looks…
1. As if taking a page directly out of the book of fashion faux pas made famous by the 2002-era Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo, this young boy has quite the ridiculous haircut. It’s as if he said to his barber, “I want to have the party in the front and nothing in the back.”

2. Sure, the millions of Batman fans around the world want to show everyone just how much they love their favorite superhero, but most of them don’t have it etched into the side of their heads. Is that from a Sharpie marker? Maybe this little dude would have been better off settling for a T-shirt.

3. When it came to the hairstyle of the 1980s and 1990s, it’s safe to say that nothing was off-limits. Clearly, this child wasn’t sure if he wanted to emulate Twisted Sister or go for a full-on Joe Dirt mullet. Either way, he ended up looking like a grandma, probably named Joan.

4. You’ve likely heard the saying that someone has “eyes in the back of their head,” but this man decided he wanted to take it one step further. Not exactly sure how well he’ll be able to see with the shades on indoors, though…

5. Look, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different hairstyles to find what suits you best. But can someone please tell this guy that getting a sideburn that fades into a mustache/goatee isn’t a thing for a reason?

6. Now, this is taking the Dumb and Dumber bowl haircut that Jim Carrey made famous to an entirely new level. Not only is she taking inspiration from the ’90s hairstyle, but she’s even dyed her hair powder blue like the suit he donned in the movie.

7. For better or worse, fidget spinners have quickly become the must-have item of the summer. When this kid went to the store and saw that they were sold out, though, he knew that he had to have the next best thing. Too bad he can’t see it.

8. Full disclosure: This guy—named Post Malone—is a famous musician, which may come as a surprise, because, well, look at that ‘do! Maybe he put all of his effort into making music rather than on what hairstyle to rock. Let’s just say it’s not working out.

9. Everyone is always looking for the best way to get away with sleeping in class, and while this guy’s hairstyle is obscure to say the least, he’s about as close to nailing it as possible. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t mind having a face on top of his head for the rest of the day.

10. Come to think of it, a panini does sound pretty good right now. Just not, you know, on the side of your face. This dude must have really pressed for a good haircut idea. How else could you explain having this bizarre look?

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5 Reasons Cristiano Ronaldo Must Return to MU in January

1. The presence of Marco Asensio

Many consider the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo can not be replaced at Real Madrid. However, the emergence of Marco Asensio can break the assumption.

This Palma-born player has surprised many with his career increasingly skyrocketed with Real Madrid. He has shown signs of being a great player in the future with a remarkable performance.

So great that Madrid fans flooded social media with the question 'Who need Ronaldo? (Who needs Ronaldo?) ', After Asensio proved influential in the El Clasico game and as long as the Portuguese star was absent.

Zidane already considered the left-footed player was in second position after Lionel Messi. It is very clear that Asensio can threaten Ronaldo and the Portuguese player must think about his future.

2. Tax Issues

Ronaldo fans rejoice over Lionel Messi's possible imprisonment for tax scams a few years back. But, little did they know that Ronaldo would be a victim of a much bigger embezzlement than his Argentine counterpart.

Apparently, the Real Madrid star was subject to tax evasion valued at 14.7 million euros from his image rights. In July, Ronaldo faced a trial of 90 minutes from the tax authorities in Spain.

It seems unlikely for a generous athlete like CR7 to be punished for the problem. Although Ronaldo decided to stay at the Bernabeu, his tax problems have not been completed until now. In addition, his agent Jorge Mendes was also dragged into a dispute with the tax authorities after being called in for an investigation into the case.

Ronaldo expressed his desire to return to England, where he would not have encountered such a tax case compared to in Spain. If the allegations prove to be true, the Portuguese star could have packed up his belongings and returned to Carrington.

3. Scenario Changes

Ronaldo and Messi are known to often be involved in the competition since the first minute of the new season La Liga. However, Ronaldo has been lagging a few miles behind Barca striker, due to a five-match penalty as a result of encouraging referees in the Spanish Super Cup.

Although Real Madrid fans expect it to bounce back, the situation did not go well. Despite having scored twice against Dortmund since returning, Ronaldo has not been effective in La Liga for not scoring in the last three games for Real.

Absent scoring in three games is actually normal for other players. However, it's a sharp spotlight when Ronaldo is through. Moreover, Real Madrid are seven points behind Barcelona.

CR7 has won four Ballon d'Or and is currently struggling to win the fifth title to match Messi's nicks. However, the fasting of his goal could damage Ronaldo's chance to gain the honor.

Moving to the Red Devils in January will be an exciting new challenge for him. Messi and Barca are also rumored to join the English League if Catalonia achieve independence.

When that happens, Ronaldo will again compete with the Argentine star in the Premier League. Given his age, Ronaldo should take the opportunity before it's too late.

4. Nothing Needs To Be Realized At Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most important player in helping Real Madrid to gain a golden era. His goal has made Real Madrid the first team to win the Champions League title.

To add to his record, Ronaldo has been the all-time leading scorer for Real Madrid. He has won every important award a legend must have in his trophy cabinet.

The move to United may be even more interesting because he will have a new target to be solved at Old Trafford. Ronaldo has scored 118 goals for the Red Devils.

Given his ability to score at least 35 goals per season over the next four seasons, he can be Manchester United's all-time top scorer. By shifting Wayne Rooney, he will be the first player in history to become the all-time leading scorer for two different clubs.

It will be an interesting challenge for the 32-year-old Portuguese captain.

5. He deserves to be Loved

Since 2011, every summer transfer market has always been filled with speculation linking Ronaldo with his former club. It's no secret that the Manchester-based club has a special place in Ronaldo's heart.

Real Madrid fans have never really worshiped their legends as they should. Ronaldo has often been the victim of Bernabeu's public scorn when playing poorly. Although highly respected, it was reported that he felt treated like a criminal at Real Madrid because of it.

It will never happen to him at Old Trafford. Despite aging and no longer a feared player, Ronaldo is guaranteed to be loved if he returns. United fans still love players who have been wearing number 7 in United.

However, his arrival may have a negative impact. Anthony Martial would have thought to move if Ronaldo reunited with United. In addition, CR7 is also reluctant to work with Ibrahimovic, who has the same ego as himself. Ibra is getting closer to retirement and one year of their togetherness will not be as grotesque as imagined.

Jose Mourinho can be relied upon to make his team always compact. If United are able to convince Ronaldo to go home, then the Red Devils return to their glory era.
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0 Goals in La Liga, Ronaldo Staying the Best

Cristiano Ronaldo has so far not scored in the La Liga stage of the 2017/18 season. However, the Real Madrid striker is still rated as the best player who will soon score again.

The claim was made by Jose Bordalas, Getafe coach. Bordalas' care team will be the opponent for Madrid in the 8th week of La Liga match on Saturday (14/10) at Alfonso Perez Stadium.

"Ronaldo is a great player, the best player and it only takes him a while to decide the game He has shown it for a long time and therefore he is the best," said Bordalas quoted from Marca.

Bordalas also did not see that Ronaldo's condition would be favorable for Getafe. He still asks his troops to be wary of all the movements of the captain of the Portuguese national team.

"Everyone knows that Ronaldo can easily finish that situation," Bordalas said.

"For any coach Ronaldo is a reference to his players.See how hard he has worked, look at how many titles he has won and see how big his ambitions are," concludes Bordalas.

Ronaldo has yet to score from three games in La Liga. But the 32-year-old has scored four goals in just two matches in the Champions League. (mar / asa)
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Ronaldo claims he is better than Messi

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo thinks he is a better player than Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, according to reports circulating in Spain.

Don Balon claims that the 32-year-old is confident that he is far superior because he has felt playing in England.

Ronaldo won three Premier League trophies at Manchester United, helping Sir Alex Ferguson's side appear dominant in domestic competitions.

And the Portuguese players think that Messi will never do the same with him.

He also thinks that the Argentine players have an easier career in Barcelona, and are lucky to always have a team built according to his needs.

Messi himself has collected a total of five Ballon d'Or trophies throughout his career. Raihan can be equaled by Ronaldo, who is championed for the award this year, after last season to bring Real won the Champions League. (db / rer)
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Guerreiro: Ronaldo has never been better than this

Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying the best moment of his career after scoring 15 goals in a World Cup qualifier with Portugal, according to teammate Raphael Guerreiro.

Real Madrid star Ronaldo scored nearly half of Portugal's 32 goals but did not break through the net when they won 2-0 over Switzerland in a match that ensured the European champions finished top of the group.

And defender Borussia Dortmund, Guerreiro, told SFR Sport that the captain had never been in a better form before.

"You see what he gives on the pitch - he runs to help the team, so of course he is someone we rely on," he said.

"I think he's entered the best era of his career, he's really top in the last two years and he keeps running, but it's only natural because he's so hard working on the pitch I'm not surprised at what he can do now."

"Although it was not his best match, he was able to give the players confidence he is the most important player in the team, and he gives extra confidence to other players. (sfr / rer)
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Figo: Madrid missed Ronaldo's goal

Luis Figo called Cristiano Ronaldo is an important player for Real Madrid and they are so missed his contribution when CR7 absent.

At the beginning of this season, Ronaldo get sanctions ban five times on the domestic stage. The sanctions he got because he received a red card (due to get two yellow cards) and pushed the referee in the match against Barcelona in the first leg Supercopa de Espana in mid-August.

The absence itself appears to have an effect on the performance of El Real. Zinedine Zidane's squad had won two consecutive draws against Valencia and Levante.

Then, surprisingly they also lost 0-1 at home to Real Betis at the Santiago Bernabeu. As a result they are now lagging far enough from Barcelona at the top of the standings.

Figo also mentioned that Ronaldo does have a significant meaning for Los Blancos. Evidently, when the Portugal player was absent Madrid looked a little limp.

"Yes, of course, he's a very important player for the team," said the 2000 edition of the Ballon d'Or winner to Omnisport.

"He is out of five games and the team missed his goal and his contribution. Now everything is all right and I think the team will achieve the goals they are targeting at the start of the season," Figo said.

Madrid itself has been able to rise after the defeat against Betis. El Real could win three consecutive games against Alaves, Borussia Dortmund and Getafe. (omni / dim)
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