Saturday, 14 October 2017

10 Major Haircut Fails That Take The Phrase ‘Bad Hair Day’ To A Whole New Low

A hairstyle can say a lot about a person. It is, after all, one of the first things you see when you meet someone for the first time. If someone’s hair is mussy and unkempt, you might assume that they’re low maintenance; on the other hand, if it’s dyed a bright color, they might be looking to showcase their free spirit.
Whether we rock our locks frizzy or well-coifed, there’s one thing most of us can agree on: we’ll need a haircut at some point. And it’s safe to say that everyone knows how painful it is when you get a bad haircut.
Case in point? These 10 haircut fails that are so bad, they’re good. Perhaps it was because the barber’s clippers slipped, or maybe there was some sort of miscommunication (or worse: they wanted to look like that), these people ended up with some very memorable looks…
1. As if taking a page directly out of the book of fashion faux pas made famous by the 2002-era Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo, this young boy has quite the ridiculous haircut. It’s as if he said to his barber, “I want to have the party in the front and nothing in the back.”

2. Sure, the millions of Batman fans around the world want to show everyone just how much they love their favorite superhero, but most of them don’t have it etched into the side of their heads. Is that from a Sharpie marker? Maybe this little dude would have been better off settling for a T-shirt.

3. When it came to the hairstyle of the 1980s and 1990s, it’s safe to say that nothing was off-limits. Clearly, this child wasn’t sure if he wanted to emulate Twisted Sister or go for a full-on Joe Dirt mullet. Either way, he ended up looking like a grandma, probably named Joan.

4. You’ve likely heard the saying that someone has “eyes in the back of their head,” but this man decided he wanted to take it one step further. Not exactly sure how well he’ll be able to see with the shades on indoors, though…

5. Look, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different hairstyles to find what suits you best. But can someone please tell this guy that getting a sideburn that fades into a mustache/goatee isn’t a thing for a reason?

6. Now, this is taking the Dumb and Dumber bowl haircut that Jim Carrey made famous to an entirely new level. Not only is she taking inspiration from the ’90s hairstyle, but she’s even dyed her hair powder blue like the suit he donned in the movie.

7. For better or worse, fidget spinners have quickly become the must-have item of the summer. When this kid went to the store and saw that they were sold out, though, he knew that he had to have the next best thing. Too bad he can’t see it.

8. Full disclosure: This guy—named Post Malone—is a famous musician, which may come as a surprise, because, well, look at that ‘do! Maybe he put all of his effort into making music rather than on what hairstyle to rock. Let’s just say it’s not working out.

9. Everyone is always looking for the best way to get away with sleeping in class, and while this guy’s hairstyle is obscure to say the least, he’s about as close to nailing it as possible. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t mind having a face on top of his head for the rest of the day.

10. Come to think of it, a panini does sound pretty good right now. Just not, you know, on the side of your face. This dude must have really pressed for a good haircut idea. How else could you explain having this bizarre look?